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Getting the most from your Designer

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Not many people know the ins and outs of professional print.

Everyone has a computer or mobile phone these days, and most people have tried to create a photo montage, an invitation or even their own logo.

We know that your nephew who's 'good on the computer' spent many hours creating your leaflet, but that doesn't automatically make it good. When you look at a well designed logo or brochure, you can see the difference. And this quality can make the difference between you looking professional or amateurish. Is it worth it?

But what happens when you need something professionally printed? Most printers won't be happy with your Word file or your low resolution jpg, as these won't look so good when printed.

That's where your local, friendly Graphic Designer comes in.

We've worked with the industry through the years and have suffered our share of mistakes, costly or otherwise, and have come out stronger through the other side to furnish you with our experience.

Give your local designer a call; you may be surprised how they can help, saving you money and reputation in the long run.

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