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Clearing out the treasures

Like most people recently, we've been trying to tidy the house and get rid of any unused junk and old broken items.

I've always be en a bit of a hoarder, and have always found it difficult to get rid of things; it's not that I can't throw things out, it's finding a suitable home for them.

I tend to feel that everything has a value to someone. The trick is usually finding that someone. I'd give most of it away if I felt someone would use it.

Many's a time I've chucked out old computer games only to look on Ebay and see them selling there for a good price. Someone hopefully salvages from the dump.

Vintage computer magazines, old design software and boxes of old cables have been advertised on Freecycle, Freeshare, etc., usually to no avail. The right person obviously isn't tuned in when I advertise. There's got to be someone who can use them!

If anyone has any solutions, please share, as I probably still have some treasures.

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