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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Everyone envies the stereotypical image of the self-employed designer in some way. Their late rising; the casual uniform of underwear and dressing gown; the hours distracted on games consoles and morning time TV; the laissez-faire attitude to hygiene.

Luckily most people know that the truth is very different.

True, there might be the occasional lazy lie-in, but on the flipside, the rest of the day can be long without breaks, resulting in eventually flopping into bed at an ungodly hour.

Freelancers tend to spend longer on each job than they would if they worked in a large company and spend huge amounts of time researching, tweaking and fine tuning each design. There usually isn't anyone around to distract them and so more time is actually spent on work.

Putting the effort into your appearance isn't really a chore. Most workplaces are okay with unshaven faces and casual wear these days, and realistically most freelancers probably get dressed each morning and wash the areas that need most attention.

Realistically, there's going to be milk and bread needing to be bought, washing to put out and probably a meeting here and there. Not ideal situations for pants and a dressing gown.

Working what could potentially be a 14 hour shift, surely it's okay to spend an hour watching TV or playing games? Many watch TV before going to work and just as many probably put it back on when they get home. And who doesn't know someone in the office that seems to chat more than they actually work? You don't have to look far to see similar situations.

The freelancer's life isn't easy. They're usually their own IT Helpdesk, Web Designer, Marketing Department, Sales Rep, Accountant, Debt Collector, never mind having to make their own coffee: no Office Junior to help out here.

I realise that not everyone believes being self-employed is the ideal lifestyle. So why don't you consider contacting your local friendly freelancer and see how they can help with your next project? You'll probably find that they'll dedicate more time and effort to you than a large company that insists on ironed trousers and limited coffee breaks.

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