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T-Shirt Demographics

Since I started this site, I've not really been pushing the sales of my t-shirt designs, never mind marketing towards any particular demographics. I've not really had the time to regularly add new designs and would ideally prefer more designs displayed.

It's during these quieter times that you sometimes notice strange buyer habits.

The Dungeon Master design has been well received. However, most of the sales for this design have been in France.

Unfortunately I've been unable to find out the identity of the buyers, but they've bought t-shirts, hoodies and mugs with the Dungeon Master design. Is it an underground Gallic D&D cabal, or just a couple of guys into gaming?

Another design that's proved popular is the Grumpy Elf. This time in Denmark. In Denmark, there is an entire sub-culture of elves called “Jule Nisser” (meaning Christmas elves or gnomes). They live in the forests, eat berries and fruit, and come into your home during the Christmas season to play tricks on the family. So it's no surprise that they'd like this.

Who knows which country will latch onto a particular design next? But you can be sure I'll let you know.

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