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T-Shirt designing in the 21st Century

Those who know me from way back, probably remember me hand painting t-shirts and selling to friends and family.

Starting with a rough sketch on paper, this was followed by placing a t-shirt (from What Everyone Wants - showing my age!) over a wooden board. Sometimes it would be a piece of glass in-between and I'd shine a torch through it to see my sketch. A quick drawing of the shapes using a fabric pen and then it was onto the painting using fabric paints. These were expensive little jars in a limited range of colours. Occasionally I'd get a palm or fingerprint on by mistake and would have to hastily add a new element to incorporate this.

It was a crude and time consuming process which resulted in unique one-off designs. hardly a great money making scheme.

That was in the days when the creative juice flowed more steadily and time was less of a premium.

Nowadays the process is hugely different. A quick sketch on a bit of paper and then straight to the iPad (other tablets are available) to scan the image a start colouring up.

It's much quicker and much easier to fix any of those errant fingerprints.

These days I print some at home using heat transfer vinyl, sublimation printer and some at a professional printing company.

All-in-all much quicker, cleaner and less hassle.

I have so much less time, but the process helps with this and hopefully you'll all be seeing some exciting new designs soon.

If you have any requests, let me know.

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